[14th May 2010]

Maybe today is my last day as an undergrad student(hopefully).

I just finished my GP OSCE. Alhamdulillah, its so happy when things dat u practise and targeted came out.

1. Chronic disease: Hyperthyroidism

2. Sharing information: Depression

3. Counselling: Non-compliance to ACE inhibitor(antihypertensive drugs)

4. Clinical skills: ECG

5. Clinical skills: IV infusion

6. Physical examination: Knee examination

Its so funny right, everytime when u finished OSCE, u will be smiling back at urself, reflecting how stupid or how ‘good’ u were acting as ‘good’ doctor. I always had the feeling. To overcome the stress, anxiety and adrenaline rush with limited time & defective brain is not easy to me.

Despite all the practise i had done with my groupmate almost everyday, the unfortunate luck will still happen. Today, i forgot to wear my glove during IV infusion(well, i always practise without the glove) half way through the IV insertion, i saw alcohol liquid in a small cup. I should been using it earlier. But actually, i pretended to use the alcohol wipe earlier, as in the alcohol wipe was the cotton. I inserted it very fast and i had plenty of time (around 2 minutes) looking at the examiner.

The rest of the stations were gagap. Just smile and try to be nice to the patient hopefully i passed. Watever it is, now is 2 weeks study break before the finale. counting down to finish my life in PMC. cant wait! May everything will be nice to me.


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