2010: Busybest.

My final year in Medicine: 310510 -180610, June 2010

Huda PSRA & UPSR: September 2010

Loqman PMR:  October 2010

Hanisah SPM: November-December 2010

It’s going to be  a busy year for my family.

Let’s continue the history. Try the best for the best. All the best..best & best!!

Last year i wrote my short wish-list during Ma’al hijrah.

I keep on thinking of what should i write this year… its too many, and i need everyone hands.

1. Be a safe doctor.

2. Be a better muslim

3. Be a good daughter

4. Be a good first lady.

In order to achieve 4-in-1, i need to be a superwoman. hehe.

PMCISOC, I’m sorry, its time for me to focus on the priorities. Insya’Allah, i’ll try to do my part. Usrah which is payah without commitment from all. Just knock my head, door or car if  you feel you are left behind from it. I can’t do this alone, good friends are meant to be the  good reminder when you lost.

Books..too many booksss…. I always feel “grrrr” when i go to bookstores. It always make me feel sad because too many books, but too little times…

Dat’s all for tonite…


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Ummu Hakeem
    Jan 27, 2010 @ 10:55:36

    Nurainee, good luck~
    oh, good luck to the whole family members. 🙂
    May Allah Lead and ease us the way to success.


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