My O&G exam..

Alhamdulillah, exams over, results out and now i’m at home enjoying my precious moments with family.

I planned earlier to share some experiences that i have been through during 9 months of my POPPH rotation and exams. I can’t agree anymore that POPPh rotation is the best and enjoyable rotation for me and most of my friends in medical school here in PMC. I happened to meet new friends which most of them i never see, talk and work with before and we were 30 most luckiest and happiest friends in Group 4.

Well, i started with the most enjoyable rotation to me. Its Obstetric & Gynaecology. Let’s make it an informal…

a) My Long case exam..

Rules: You are given 30 minutes, clerk a patient given to you. Then, present a full O&G history+physical examination to your examiners, maximum 10 minutes. You will have 10 minutes viva (Q&A sessions) after that. (100 marks)

I happened to be the last person from 122 students in my class. It was a randomised selection. I’m glad to be the last, since i may have more times with the examiners.

Once i entered the room, Prof Feeney said:

” Hello Nurainee, erk…you look terrible,” i smiled back and said: ” Haha, am I? I’ve been waiting sooo long to see you,” ayat cover sambil menenangkan diri semula. Next to him was Dr. Yusainov. Alhamdulillah, i’m so lucky to have them. They were nice and helpful. At least, i feel a little bit confident for my future. My patient was a 3o year-old, G1P2 mother, 32 weeks pregnancy with Gestational Diabtes Mellitus. She was called to come for the exam. Quite easy and simple case. Syukur. Questions they asked me:

1. Causes of transverse lie (since during P/E, it was tranverse). the most common causes of transverse lie (which i dont know, but they said multiparity due to uterine laxity), complications during labour for transverse lie and management.

2. Indications for MGTT. Complications and management.

I felt so much relieved after the exam.

b) OSCE exam.

10 counters; (2 clinical skills, 8 problem based), 5 minutes each counter.

I’m very lucky to have Dr. Somas (abdomen examination on38 weeks pregnanct lady, manikin) and Dr. Kieran (ectopic pregnancy). Other counters; IUCD (copper), Wringley’s forcep, anaemia, CTG(late decelaration), partogram (thick meconium stained,etc), pap smears biopsy results, sperms results.  Soalan usually on indication, contraindication, complications and management.

c) Written exam + MCQ’s

I can’ remember the questions exactly but surely, it wasn’t too hard. If you read the books, you not missed any tutorials, lectures and bedside teaching. You can score. Warn you guys, not all questions can get from the book. ie: Most common causes of maternal mortality in Malaysia, technique for episiotomy, infertility management at your place and success rate of IUI in SJH. Semuanya boleh dapat from experience.

I learnt A LOT during this rotation. Culturally, socially & academically. Doctors especially in Seberang Jaya hospital are very helpful. Feel free to ask them for any doubt, they surely will help. They love medical students. haha.

May this benefits you, medical students….

to be continued with next rotation…


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  1. Fad
    Nov 08, 2009 @ 07:28:12

    I miss POPPH rotation too. Tapi kalau diberi peluang , sy tak mau experience itu.Walaupun ianya manis, tapi biarlah ia sbg kenangan . Cik Banafsha pesal G1P2????G2P1 kan……selamat menjalani elektif buat cik banafsha dan kawan2 yang baca komen ni . Rindu untuk balik penang walaupun baru seminggu di rumah. Nanti share pasal pengalaman elektif atau apa2 shj pengalaman….hik hik hik…..


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