POPPh examination


Class 2010 and myself is in the midst of final exam.

P (Paediatrics) O (Obstetric & Gynaecology) P (Psychiatry) Ph (Public Health)

and why it is called POPPh exam. Big degree exam.

Pray hard that Allah will guides, ease and helps us through the three weeks of journey.

POPPh examCredits to my ex-roomate for the effort of making us alert and conscious!

More credits to my housemate on her beautiful poem. Not to forget ASMB for his creative job.

I’m so blessed for having beautiful and great friends like you.

Hope we success in our life Here & Hereafter!!

The journey is still long to go =)


28 Syawal 1430

17 Oktober 2009

(5 days after we lost Bagan Pinang)

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