When fuel Price go High

5th June 2008.

It was a history in Malaysia when the fuel prices raise up to 40%!! Everyone knows and cares about it. Everyone talks about it. Even me myself care and mad on it.

Just a matter of they feel their budgets will high up to 40%. Again they feel themselves threaten by the fuel hike. When the feel, they care. When they know, but they do not feel they just know, kira oklah… Wonder more social issues was left behind, because they just know but do not mind.

RM1.92 to RM2.70!! Another more history in Malaysia. I felt like the world is ending sooner. hoho. High demand, less supply. Is that why the fuel price goes up very high. Could be a reason, but not the best reason.

Corrupt, corrupt, corrupt. Stop it!!

The cost of living increasing. People can do anything for the sake to get more money. Anything! Only ‘iman’ can help people to put their hopes and trust in a better way. But, how many of them do pray 5 times a day, everyday ?

The da’ie should take this issues as a way to improve his or her da’wa. Sometimes, people might feel depressed, lost and busy with the ‘dunya’. Just for the sake of making more money. more and more. Believe me, never end. Life in the world is paid with money, but they forgot life in the Hereafter is paid with their rewards through their ‘amal here. Make more money must always with good ‘amal.

Who hold the heart of a human? Make du’as may Allah helps, guides us and gives taufik wa hidayah to our leaders out there, especially Pak Lah. wooooopss.


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