On Gear three…

It’s been almost a week i left you.

The time runs so fast, until i just realised that i should see you banafsha.

Last  2 week was fun and great!! Lots things done.

Last Monday, i helped Arini as a food committee for Solat Hajat and AGM PMCISOC 2008. Recently, since i live in Penang, anything to do with food is a my passion and joy. Searching, thinking, buying, even eating food is an enjoyable moment. The best part, we don’t have to cook, the very best part is eating.hehe…however, this really remind me to my friends back in Dublin. Almost every week we cook for any Malaysian students’ events in Dublin. It was a great time for me cooking together, and what i can say…i really miss my friends and my life there!!!

Yesterday, i had the first meeting with pmcisoc newly-elected committees. They asked me about hobby, well, what i can say was “Dulu saya suka masak, sekarang saya suka makan,”. It was true when i realised i had put aside the new interest that i am struggling on it is actually Reading and writing!

PMCISOC, i wish to do my best. Good teamwork is the key to success. A good leader always have good followers.

Ideas..ideas..for the ummah!!


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